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saturday, may 27th



green manzanilla olives  50  

marcona almonds  50

coeur basque & fyrtornsost  115

cream cheese filled peppers & crispbread  70 


glazed hake collar, lardo, smoked mayo, lime  115

radishes from aster farm, goats cream cheese, tarragon, canola seeds  135

tomato, green strawberry, red onion, goats cheese, almond, basil oil, mynta, isot biber  155

wild herbs, baby gem salad, anchovy créme, parmesan, pickled endive, grilled potatoes, olive  155

white asparagus, butter sauce, xo-sauce, gold moss  185


grilled carrots, ricotta, beluga lentils, kale, muhammara, dukkah  275

grilled hake, asparagus, leek, ramson butter, whitefish roe  315

grilled lamb and padrones skewer, red onion, beluga lentils, salsify leaf, mint, goats cheese, lamb jus  325

roasted sea bass for 2, potatoes in nduja, grilled spring onion, chimi churri, aioli  595


tarte fine, rhubarb, crème fraiche  95

meringue, strawberries, pistachio, cream  115

woodruff icecream, violet syrup  85

strawberry sorbet, basil oil  75

delice de bourgogne, apricot/cloudberry marmalade, crispbread  75

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